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Trade Made Easy!


Do you have a product that you wish to export to a new market, and are wondering how to do it?
Do you need help in finding great product ideas Yielding high turovers?
Do you wish to attend international trade fairs but don’t have the time?


Go-Trade is the gateway for international best selling consumer products.
Our products are available on the Finnish market in larger retail chains.
Our products are carefully selected to meet the needs of our customers.
We believe in simple, value adding products.


Go-Trade will utilize its extensive business network in the Nordic market to trade your product on your behalf. Go-Trade will research and conduct general due diligence on the business opportunity.
We meet personally with each client to discuss all aspects of the business opportunity from logistics to marketing.

Who we are?

Go-Trade is a bridge between established suppliers and Finnish retail chains.

We help connect manufacturers with key retailers. We also help the manufacturers maintain regular contact with retailers. Go-Trade represents different sets of products typically sold in retail and department stores. The products we work with are already selling in high volumes in their home markets.

We believe that with the right products and the right people, we can bring added value to the whole supply chain and make a positive difference!




Mission and company values

Our company values integrity, social responsibility, and long-term partnerships.
Our mission is to bring great experiences through products that improve the quality of your life. We discover great new products on a regular basis and are passionate in bringing them to you. Go-Trade provides expert service in Finnish, Swedish, and English.
We believe that trading successfully incorporates trading ethically and sustainably.
We prioritize quality. Go-Trade constantly works towards improving the products we have to offer in order to maximize customer satisfaction over the long-term.

About Us


Go-Trade was founded because of our passion for trade. Go-Trade is based in Finland. We work with both Finnish and other European companies exports as well as supporting companies in establishing business connections in Finland to help generate sales. Go-Trade acts as a bridge between the Finnish and the European markets. Go-Trade connects suppliers with distribution channels throughout Europe. Go-Trade provides service in Finnish, Swedish and English.


Services Go-Trade offers

For Suppliers


Positioning Your Product






Product Databank



Dealing with the Authorities



Retail Networks


For Retail Chains


New Markets



Supplier Negotiations



International Fairs



Local Market Knowledge



Cultural Awareness


Go-Trade explores new markets on behalf of manufacturers.
With the right key contacts this process is faster.
Go-Trade works as an intermediary and will help you get your products sold in a new markets.
We provide solutions for companies that are interested in exporting their products. We provide Nordic retailers with new ideas on great products from potential suppliers by attending large leading international food trade fairs, such Anuga Food fair in Cologne, Sial in Paris, PLMA in Amsterdam and FoodEx in Tokyo.